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Laptops rely on 2 main types of adapters for energy: the AC adapter and the DC adapter. These adapters, also known as chargers, are what help convert the electricity from wall outlet into a form that's usable for the laptop.

Since there are so many different adapters on the market, It is essential to check which type of adapter a laptop requires before purchase. Most adapters are marketed for specific brands & models of laptops. They will also list the voltage, current & polarity of the adapter. This way, laptop owners can select the correct adapter for their devices. Finding the correct adapter for a laptop means checking the laptop's model number & power requirements.

- Get the laptop's model number. This is usually printed on a small sticker affixed to the underside of the laptop.
- Get the power requirements for the laptop. This is also printed on the underside of the laptop. It may be printed near the power port. Look for the amperage & the voltage required.
- Compare the connector type of the laptop charger adapter to ensure it fits into the laptop.

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